Cher Ami
Cher Ami
Cher Ami

Cher Ami

Minimalistic vegan Cardholder.
Made with high-quality Cork Leather from Iberian Peninsula.
Model: CA009 - Black & Fire Brush

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Thin and small to accommodate only the essential.

Less is more is your golden rule.

Get rid of all that extra weight and dare to fly higher!



From scratch to hatch.

If we could explain you how much effort, love and care we bring to each and every Cher Ami, you would definitely be amazed. Each Pardalita is individually registered.

Give it a try! Install the Pardalita App in your Smartphone to read it's individual code and discover more about it.



Classic rectangular envelope shape with a magnetic closing to keep your cards securely wrapped in.

Cher Ami's classic envelope shape evokes not only beauty but also functionality. It's magnetic closure is robust and reliable.



In harmony with Mother Nature.

Cher Ami is built only with sustainable, eco-friendly and

cruelty-free materials.


Crafted to last.

Cher Ami is covered by a 2-year warranty and crafted with the best processes and high-quality materials we know. It will definitely last for long time.



A tribute to Cher Ami,

a brave carrier-pigeon who saved 200 men


Every Pardalita celebrates a bird.

Cher Ami was a brave carrier-pigeon on duty during the Fall of 1918, whose job was to deliver messages in multiple Allies' important missions in France during World War I.
In  October 4th, 1918, one of the Allies' Battalion with 500 men got lost, trapped and bombed in a hill depression on the enemy's side. 200 still alive men were desperately in the need for help.  
Cher Ami was their last carrier-pigeon and their last chance to survive.
Hit by a bullet, Cher Ami fell shortly after release. But miraculously, he managed to spread his wings and start climbing again, higher and higher, flying 40kilometers in only 25 minutes to deliver an important message which triggered the rescue of these desperate men.
Cher Ami was awarded the Croix de Guerre, one of France’s highest military honors for his gallantry in the field.